A regular network digital terrain model for the entire territory of Latvia is available, with increments of 20 m, 70 m, 100 m and 200 m. Digital terrain model with increments of 5 m is available for areas where it's been aerolaserscanned.
The digital terrain models with the 70 m, 100 m and 200 m increments have been derived from the terrain model with a 20 m increment
The digital terrain model is available in ASCII format, as a text file and, for a part of the Latvian territory, visualised in the form of contour lines in DGN format (it is possible to also provide it in SHP and DWG format)

Digital terrain models with the 20 m increment are available as WMS service (more information in Maps/WMS service)
Service is available in scale range from 1:25 000 and smaller scales

Digital terrain model with regular grid increment of 20 m data sources and production from 2006 - 2016 (3.04 Mb)

The digital terrain model is used in generating the relief layer of topographic maps, in the production of orthophoto maps, three-dimensional modelling, as well as in terrain research
Presentation on the applications of laser-scan data digital terrain models:
Information about DTM (6.54 MB)

Because of the customer order from the DTM data is also produced the terrain model on the scale 1:10 000 visualized in the form of contour lines
From 2009, preparation of such a relief layer in small quantities also initiated on state budget grant funds
Terrain layer is made of the height model specified in stereo mode, using the latest available aerial images
Contour lines reflect the general terrain shape, also the man-made embankments, which higher than 3 m
Step between the intermediate contour lines - 1 m, between index contour lines - 10 m. Data is supplemented with spot elevation marks and hashmarks.
The data has three dimensional coordinates (x, y, z) and are available at DGN and SHP vector formats
Visualisation of digital terrain models in the form of hypsographic curves Scale 1:10 000 (BAS-77 height system) (2.27 Mb)

Visualisation of digital terrain models in the form of hypsographic curves Scale 1:10 000 (LAS-2000.5 normal height system) (4.83 Mb)