The satellite map has been developed as a digital base for the needs of geographical information systems (GIS)
The map data have been arranged in several layers, which include all the major environmental objects
They include watercourses, traffic routes, land-use (lakes, rivers at a scale, development,vegetation, etc.), dot-like objects (individual homesteads, churches,tower-like structures, etc.), relief, administrative boundaries, transportation networks (high-voltage power lines, oil and gas pipelines), geographical names
Source material for the initial producing of the map: SPOT medium-resolution(10 m) satellite images from 1993, for updates: aerial photography materials from 1994-1999
Producing period: 1994-1998, updated in 2001-2002
No further updates to the map are planned, as more accurate cartographic material is being produced and continuously updated: the scale1:50 000 topographic map
Availability os Satellite Map (0.13 Mb)

The maps are available according to TKS-93 disposition of map sheets, in print and digitally: in ESRI coverage and SHP formats, as well as TIFF and JPG raster formats, with or without a link to the LKS-92 co-ordinate system
Map data in vector form are also available for broad use electronically as a CD-ROM; it was produced in 2005 at the State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia
The browser software for the satellite map was developed by SIA Envirotech
The version of the satellite map contained in the CD-ROM allows to search for individual map objects (settlements, lakes, castle mounds, etc.), measure distances on the map, print out the required area

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