The Agency produces a variety of special (thematic) maps by order, using the basic data at the disposal of the Agency and information provided by the customer.
The content, scale, projection and formatting of special maps are devised to meet only the specific requirements of the defined information and selected area.
We can offer to prepare the following:
  • Special area planning maps of local authorities in compliance with laws and regulations, at different scales:
    • A map of the current land-use in the area
    • A map of proposed (existing)land-use in the area
    • A map of protective zones 
    • Various diagrams
  • Special maps for fulfillingthe functions and tasks of municipal authorities:
    • Vehicular road maps which contain information on state roads located within the territory of the local authority and their numeration, roads under local jurisdiction, roads under the management of JSC Latvian State Forests, prospective roads, etc. 
    • Special maps for district unification projects 
    • Maps for public displays, leaflets 
    • Mineral maps 
    • Infrastructure maps: power supply,water supply, sewerage, artesian wells, water sources for fire-fighting purposesTourism resource maps
  • Cultural-historical maps (e.g.toponymic, churches, etc.)
  • Tourist maps (bicycling routes,etc.)
  • Maps of the distribution of potential investment areas within the regional transportation and logistics development areas
  • Location of farm propertiesand fields
  • Various thematic maps in thefield of environment and natural protection
  • Composition of orthophoto mapswith other basic data of the Agency or specific layers of such data, soil maps,cadastre and other customer-provided information
  • Other maps in accordance withthe information submitted by the commissioning party

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