Orthophoto maps, scale 1:10 000

1st cycle (1994-1999) orthophoto maps
2nd cycle (2003-2005) orthophoto maps
3rd cycle (2007-2008) orthophoto maps
4th cycle (2010-2011) orthophoto maps
5th cycle (2013-2015) orthophoto maps
6th cycle (2016-2018) orthophoto maps

Orthophoto maps, scale 1:2000

Orthophoto maps, scale 1:2000 (for certain locations: scale 1:1 000),are available in TIFF format with a link to the LKS-92 co-ordinate system
Orthophoto maps produced until 1999 are black-and-white, whereas the newer ones are in colour
Orthophoto Maps, Scale 1:2 000 (2.3 Mb)

In the event that orthophoto maps have been produced using the commissioning party’s funds, their release to users must be approved by the commissioning party
High-precision orthophoto maps are also produced in Latvia by a number of commercial entities
All orthophoto maps prepared by the LGIA may also be transformed in MrSID format upon request, as well as in JPG format, with or without linking to the co-ordinate grid, as well as in PDF format. Additional processing can also be carried out: cropping to a user-selected area, combination of several files,change of resolution (pixels), etc

Orthophoto maps are available as WMS service (more information in Maps/WMS service)

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