Aerial photography

Orthophoto is an image of the Earth’s surface in which all distortions arising in the image at the moment of its being taken as a result of the sloping of the scene and the terrain have been corrected
Orthophoto maps are produced from aerial photographs and satellite images  using specialised, purpose-built software
Orthophoto maps are produced in accordance with a certain nomenclature of map sheets
In Latvia, orthophoto maps are produced in the Latvian co-ordinate system, LKS-92, in accordance with the TKS-93 disposition of mapsheets (a scale 1:10 000 map sheet corresponds to 5 x 5 kilometres in nature)
Orthophoto maps for the entire territory of Latvia are produced in TIFF format at the scale 1:10 000, but for certain areas – towns, cities and densely populated areas – at the scale 1:2 000 or 1:1 000
Since the restoration of independence, the aerial photography of the entire territory of the country for the scale 1:10 000 is carried out for the fifth time:
First Cycle
Second Cycle
Third Cycle
Fourth Cycle
Fifth Cycle
Sixth Cycle

A high-resolution orthophoto is created for densely populated areas with the following resolution:
  • scale 1:2 000 (resolution 0.15 to 0.20 m)
  • scale 1:1 000 (resolution 0.10 m)
Aerial photography for this purpose is carried out at an altitude of 1 500 to 2 000 m
Orthophoto maps are created in the Latvian geodesic co-ordinate system, LKS-92, in accordance with the TKS-93 division of map sheets, and they cover an area of 1 x 1 kilometre
The aerial photography for the purposes of scale 1:2 000 was performed from 1994 to 2005: using analogue cameras at first and, starting in 2002, by also using digital cameras
Aerial Photography, Scale 1:2 000 (2.3 Mb)

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