Scale 1:5 000 topographic charts are produced only upon a userís request, using the latest available aerial photography material of the appropriate resolution,survey data, field inspection data, etc.
In producing the charts, the specification and resources of the scale 1:2 000 topographic chart are used
Charts can also be produced using stereo digitization

The chart depicts the most important environmental objects within settlements or other selected areas; object visualization is similar to that in scale 1:2 000 charts, except for certain objects that read poorly at the scale 1:5 000 (such as pavements, textual information of building descriptions, fencing, etc.) and are not depicted or are shown by generalizing the existing information
If the customer wishes, building descriptions (residential,non-residential) and descriptions of building-use (public, industrial, etc.) may be depicted on the chart using colouring
The chart is intended for use in area planning, detail planning, for ensuring the operations of various agencies and for other purposes

In collaboration with the local authorities, topographic charts of the scale 1:5 000  have been produced for the territories of towns Kalnciems, Strenči, Bauska, Salaspils, Cesvaine and Madona and for the territory of:
Engure county and  itís villages  - Engure, Milzkalne, Smārde, Abragciems, Apšuciems, Bērzciems, Klapkalnciems, Ķesterciems and Plieņciems
Sigulda county, Sigulda town and  itís  villages -  Jūdaži, More, Vējupīte, Allaži, Allažmuiža, Stīveri, Plānupe and  Egļupe
Mazsalaca county - town Mazsalaca and villages - Vērsis, Skaņkalne, Ramata, Idus and Sēļi

In year 2014 topographic charts have been produced for villages of Stopiņi county - Dreiliņi, Dzidriņas, Līči, Rumbula, Saurieši, Ulbroka, Upeslejas and Vālodzes
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