Holdings and Archive

The LGIA archive and holdings of circulating materials provides access to various historical cartographic materials, which we offer to be scanned and copied
The following are available in the archive:
  • Aerial images in analogue and digital format, aerial photography work statements;
  • Orthophoto maps in digital format;
  • Topographic maps and charts in analogue and digital format, technical documentation;
  • Special (thematic) maps;
  • Satellite maps and their compilation materials;
  • Copies of aerial mosaic charts;
  • Geodesic documents, including records of geodesic and gravimetric surveys and reports;
  • Records of topographic surveys;
  • Documents of scientific information and records;
As of 1 January 2009, the total number of units stored at the LGIA archive was 311 514
Circulating holdings of geographical information materials:
Holdings of maps
Holdings of books
Holdings of geodesic materials

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