Specifications, Regulatory Documents and Nomenclature

Scale 1:2 000 topographic charts (one centimetre on the map corresponds to 20 metres in nature) are produced for towns/cities and other densely populated areas
The size of the standard chart sheet is 50 x 50 cm, and it covers the area of 1 x 1 km

The data on a topographic chart includes all the major environmental objects (geodesic and survey points, built-up areas and commercial objects, hydrography and hydrotechnological objects, traffic routes, engineering networks, vegetation and soil, relief, etc.)
Chart data are produced using stereodigitization in Photomod, Version 3.7 and maintained in MicroStation (in DGN format)

The data may be used for real property management needs, owners of service lines, for area planning and detail planning purposes of local authorities,design, as well as for ensuring the operations of various field-response agencies

Map Sheet Index in the TKS-93 system:
Map Sheet Index for City of Riga, Scale 1:2 000 (0.18 Mb)

Division of a scale 1:10 000 map sheet into larger-scale sheets:
Map Sheet Index, Scale 1:10 000 (0.09 Mb)

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