Simplified topographic map
A simplified topographic map at the scale 1:10 000 (one centimetre on the map corresponds to 100 m in nature) covers the entire territory of Latvia
Map includes all the significant objects, thus providing an impression of the area
Map data can be used as the basis for creating specialist layers of various branches of the economy and for developing a full topographic map
The information layers are as follows:
hydrography, traffic routes, built-up areas and commercial objects, vegetation, over moistened areas and soil, geographical names

The original data format of the scale 1:10 000 topographic map: DGN, also available in ArcGIS geodatabase or SHP format
Upon request, data may also be prepared in DWG format or raster formats (TIF, JPG, SID) with a link to the LKS-92 co-ordinate system
Topographic map, Scale 1:10 000 (actual data) is available as WMS service (more information in Maps/WMS service)
Service is available in scale range from 1:5 000 till 1:20 000
The standard size of a map sheet is 50 x 50 cm, and it covers an area of 25 x 25 km
Map Sheet Index, Scale 1:10 000 (0.09 Mb)

 Full topographic map

The full topographic map of the scale 1:10 000 covers the most important areas:
cities and their surroundings, the eastern border of the country

The map data are produced by supplementing the simplified topographic map with a number of information layers:
relief (horizontal and elevation markers), transportation networks(power lines), additional information (street names, road descriptions, forest descriptions, etc.)
Full topographic maps are also available as reproduced copies
Reproduced Full Topographic Maps at Scale 1:10 000 (2.17 Mb)



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