EuroRegionalMap is a topographic database at the scale 1:250 000
Database was created as part of EuroGlobalMap, a special project of Eurogeographics, the European National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities

The 7.1 version of the database covering 35 European countries was developed in 2014
At the LGIA, all original data for all 35 countries is available as a unified database

Data on the Latvian territory are available in the LKS-92 TM co-ordinate system in ESRI coverage, geodatabase and SHP formats
Source material: the compilation material of the 2 edition of the Joint Operations Graphic (JOG), scale 1:250 000

Data production and maintenance period  2005-2014

“Overview Map of the Republic of Latvia,Scale 1:250 000”

The map depicts information on settlements, the road network, vegetation (forests, marshes), the river network, bodies of water (large ponds, lakes), highlands and terrain
Typographically printed map is available:
  • 2nd edition, released in 2012, map general information is supplemented by towns with populations of less than 100 inhabitants
  • 1st edition, released in 2008
In the margin outside the map frame, extensive information is available on the length of the state border, the population of towns and villages, the highest hills and deepest lakes
The map consists of three sheets, which, when glued together, form a large-size wall map

Digital data are available in ESRI ArcGIS vectordata formats, in raster TIFF format with or without a link to the LKS-92 TM co-ordinate system

Overview map, Scale 1:250 000 is available as WMS service (more information in Maps/WMS service)
Service is available in scale range from 1:55 001 till 1:499 999


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