The Latvian overview map/database at the scale 1:1 000 000 contains the most important topographic information at this scale
The data have been created as part of EuroGlobalMap, a special project of Eurogeographics, the European National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities

The 6.1 version of the database (2013) covers 35 countries of Europe
At the LGIA, all original data for all 32 countries is available as a unified database

Data on the Latvian territory are available in the LKS-92 TM co-ordinate system in ESRI coverage, geodatabase and SHP formats
Data production and maintenance period 2005-2013
Overview map, Scale 1:1 000 000 is available as WMS service (more information in Maps/WMS service)
Service is available in scale range from 1:750 001 and smaller scales

From 8 March 2013 the 1:1 000 000 scale topographic dataset, EuroGlobalMap is available free of charge for any use under a new open data licence
It is produced using authoritative geo-information provided by members of EuroGeographics, the Association for European Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities


From 5 December 2001 Latvia is involved in a global scale project GlobalMappingProject and is one of the 182 project member states which are represented by the national states mapping and cadastral agencies, including LGIA

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