Geodesic Network Database

The aim of the National Geodetic Network Database (hereinafter – NGNDB) is to compile, store and maintain up-to-date information of the National Geodetic Network. The data publishing application of the NGNDB ensures access to current geodetic information for all those who need it. In the NGNDB is accumulated in both textual and graphical information of the National geodetic network points

Triangulation points are described with transformed co-ordinates (their mean square error being 0.5 m)
Vecrtical network points are described with co-ordinates which have been taken from maps and there are given non-adjusted hights (working heights)  

Using the NGNDB data publishing application can be performed data filtering according to user-provided selection criteria. As a result of data filtering, a list of geodetic points matching the search criteria is compiled, containing basic information on the points

The following operations can be performed with the points included in the list of search results:
  • exporting text data to MS Excel for all or user-selected points
  • viewing information stored in the database for user-selected points
  • preparation of geodetic points cards in PDF format and further processing (printing, storage) for all or user-selected points
  • view on a map a geodetic point selected by the user
A user’s manual for the database is available on the left-hand side of the database form, in the section “User’s Manual” of the system description
State Geodesic Network Database is available as WMS service (more information in Maps/WMS service)

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