Public services

The Agency offers the following geodesic and cartographic services:
  • Issue of geodesic and cartographic data at the LGIA’s disposal, creating copies of such data
  • Compilation of new geodesic and cartographic data
  • WMS service( more information is available in Maps/WMS service)
  • Map Browser integration in user homepage
  • Compilation of toponymic information:
    • furnishing geographical names for maps of different scales
    • selection, arrangement and printing in table format of various types of information from the Geographical Names Database, as well as preparation of data sets and tables in electronic format
    • preparation of gazetteers (geographical name catalogues) and dictionaries of geographical names
    • expert opinions and advice on the identity of a geographical name(correspondence between the place name and a geographical object: main (or preferred) name, type of geographical object, administrative affiliation, grid location, source of information, map, map sheet showing the object, etc.)
    • advice and recommendations in the field of applied toponymy
  • Compilation of various specialised maps using data prepared by the LGIA and information provided by the customer
  • Relief mapping using digital elevation model data
  • Relief and three-dimensional modelling
  • Large-format scanning with co-ordinate linking(width up to 910 mm, length 1 200 mm and more)
  • Large-format printing
  • Conversion of vector data to other digital formats (DGN, SHP, DWG)
  • Conversion of vector data to raster formats(TIF, JPG, SID, PDF)
  • Co-ordinate transformation
  • Detection of the Earth’s magnetic field,measurement and calculation of magnetic declinations and inclinations, as well as other geodesic services
  • Various examinations, providing advice and opinions in the field of geodesy, cartography and geographical information
Services offered by the LatPos GPS base station (read more about LatPos in the section on Geodesy/LatPos, as well as at LatPos home page)
  • real-time data
  • post-processed data (up to two months) with internet and FTP access
  • post-processed data older than two months, upon request
Read more information on the services offered by the “Latvijas Karte” printing house in the Printing House section

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