Place Names (or Geographical Names) Database

Place Names Database stores geographical names data of Latvia and frontier areas of bordering countries - both names of man-made features (names of villages, homesteads, houses etc.) and natural features (lakes, rivers, hills, forests, bogs, islands etc.). Street and road names are not included.

The Database contains about 170,000 place names of 127,000 geographical features (as of March 1, 2019). Each name article provides:
  • basic data: preffered name (official or unofficial), variant names, feature type (town, river, forest, etc.), state of the geographical feature (existing/not existing), administrative territorial location (parish or town, municipality or city and former district), coordinates of the feature and map sheet reference;
  • additional information such as data sources (maps, literature, fieldwork, etc.), numerical characteristics, short description of the feature, even tales and stories can be included.

The public version of the Place Names Database (8th edition) contains data only on Republic of Latvia and limited additional information. The service is free of charge. 

It offers data search by: administrative territorial unit (municipality (novads), parish (pagasts), town or city (pilsēta), feature type, name or part of the name (3 characters at least), feature UID (Objekta ID).

Acquired results can be viewed, printed out or downloaded.

Clicking "View" (Skatīt) brings more information on the feature and its names as well as possibility to view the feature on various scale maps and orthophoto (when clicking the button nearby the "Location on the map"). Clicking the button "View on the Map Browser" (Skatīt karšu pārlūkā) inside the map window opens the Map Browser of the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency.

Public version of the Place Names Database of Latvia: https:/ (Latvian only). TRANSLATE the user interface using Microsoft Translator (

Database data should be useful for the:
  • proper use of the place names;
  • search of particular name or geographical feature;
  • geographical names standardization;
  • teaching, learning and scientific research work;
  • preparation and inspection of maps;
  • preparation of various data sets and informational material etc.
Geographical Names Database is available as WMS service (more information in Maps/WMS service).

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