Procedure for Obtaining Information

Geodesic and cartographic services, including the issue of data, are provided on the basis of a written application
Within the organisational framework of the LGIA, the issue and arrangement of data is the responsibility of the Information Division of the Department of Geographical Information (e-mail: pakalpojumi[at], which, in collaboration with the Legal Department and other LGIA units, arranges for the preparation of draft agreements, data selection and other services, as well as keeps records

The use of the geospatial information is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 673 of 30 August, 2011, "The minimum content of the regulations of the geospatial information use and the procedure of getting use permit"

Pricing is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 421 of 25th July , 2017, "Regulations regarding the price list of premium public services provided by the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency" (available only in Latvian)

An agreement is signed depending on the volume of data, the method of issue or the type of service
Data transfers can be arranged as follows
  • by recording them on electronic media or as printouts, sent by post or by receiving them personally at the LGIA;
  • via an FTP server
Read more about the services offered by the Agency in the section Public services
Regional offices can also accept applications, provide advice and issue data:

LGIA office locations are marked on the map with green dots

Users are offered the following functions:
  • Moving around on the map at different scales (“Zoom Map” button)
  • Obtaining contact information: by clicking on a green dot
  • A shortcut to the specific LGIA office using a menu: using the right mouse button and at the base of the map
  • Marking new points on the map, both using a specific address (“Address Search” button) and indicating a location on the map (“Mark a Point” button)and creating driving directions to the nearest LGIA office by clicking the right mouse button on the given point

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